Jack is a red fawn with a black mask.

I had been searching for a red fawn stud that I could use with a couple of my girls and couldn't find one that had the qualities that I had in Ecko so I gave up.

In August 2014 Bella was expecting a litter of 4 puppies. She naturally whelped 4 beautiful brindle babies. After they were all latched on and nursing I went to bed. I woke up in the morning to 5 babies! Some time between 2:30am and 6:30am this little guy was born. I felt like God sent him to me and I just could't part with him.

I am thrilled that we decided to keep him. He is gorgeous. He has all of the masculine qualities that his daddy has plus his daddy's great personality!

Jack is now available for stud to approved females.

His count is roughly 700 million with 90% motility and he produces gorgeous babies.